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Kudler Fine Foods’ Values and the Management

Kudler Fine Foods’ Values and the Management Kudler Fine Foods’ Values and the Management “Every organization must assume responsibility for its impact on employees, the environment, customers, and whomever and whatever it touches” (Maciariello, Pearce, &Yamawaki, 2010, p. 53). To understand such impacts, a company needs to define its purpose, mission, and vision supported by strong ethical and moral values.

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The circle could not be completed without a consistent management team that will attract and train a staff that is driven, motivated, and committed to the organizational purpose and to providing the best customer service possible, all to sustain the most important existence of a business – revenues. Kudler Fine Foods’ commitment is toward offering the highest quality, least-processed, and organic food while promoting well-being and fulfilling even the unexpressed wishes and needs of the customers.To execute their mission, Kudler Fine Foods needs to understand that their purpose cannot just reside in few places, such as marketing department; it has to pervade every part of the company (Spence, 2009, p. 89). If the purpose was to influence operations, innovations, and growth of the business, there is a need for an ethical and moral management to help make a difference. Only a person with an exemplary character can make solid ethical choices.Personally and professionally, my approach to ethics calls for developing practical wisdom and sound judgment within individuals to guide them in their ethical decision-making (University of Phoenix, 2010, Awareness Inventory Assessment). Kudler Fine Foods needs a manager who would be focused both on profits and installing moral standards within the organization. Integrity, honor, justice, benevolence, and virtue should not be just abstract principles. A manager who is committed to ethics and leading by example should be able to form partnership with employees, develop respect for diversity, and find competitive advantages.Ultimately, such manager will be able to motivate the staff to stay committed to the organization. As a leader, my driving force would be to stay credible and consistent every day. As Maxwell (2007) pointed out the secret to a success should be found in the daily agenda (p. 1). Consistency makes employees able to depend on, trust, listen, and follow their managers. “Our daily challenge is to live our character, action, and investment choices so naturally that we begin making the best choices almost subconsciously. This requires patience, honest reflection, adaptation, and commitment” (Cottrell, 2007, p. ). Employees would follow a leader who represent a strong moral character and in return, they should strive to provide the best service. Company’s customers would develop a greater appreciation for such practices, and the store would see an increase in their revenues. Ethical management is crucial for financial outcomes, too. “Managers, who always promise to make numbers, will at some point be tempted to make up the numbers” (Buffet & Clark, 2009, p. 44). A Southwest Airline, for example, has a strong belief in their mission, purpose, employees, and customers.They have turned their employees into evangelist and their customers into fans by employing ethical and devoted managers (Spence, 2009, p. 88). Therefore, a company has posted profit every quarter for the past six years, an unmatched goal by any other airline in the history of aviation. To establish a strong corporate culture, attract customers, retain profits, and appreciate the employees, leaders need to observe, sit back, and listen. Additionally, if you want to develop trust as Maxwell (2005) emphasized, managers need to stand up for what’s right, even when such a stand is unpopular (p. 117).It takes a person with strong values and character to make any significant changes toward company’s success. “In order to maximize value, corporate managers must not only satisfy, but enlist the support of all corporate stakeholders – customers, employees, managers, suppliers, local communities” (Maciariello, Pearce, & Yamawaki, 2010, p. 55). Kudler Fine Foods needs to have a person of true influence to accomplish their wish to grow and prosper. Development of character seems to be a long-lasting process which has been neglected for the past years, and my desire would be to sincerely bring it back.References Buffet, M. & Clark, D. (2009). Warren Buffet’s Management Secrets: Proven tools for personal and business success (1st ed. ). New York: First Scribner. Cottrell, D. (2007). 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